Symptoms of PCOS That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Symptoms of PCOS That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

PCOS, also known as a polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a hormonal condition affecting reproductive-age women. It causes various symptoms, the most prevalent of which are irregular periods, difficulty losing weight, and the presence of excessive male hormones, which causes acne, hair loss, and a rise in facial hair. PCOS is also one of the leading causes of female infertility. The polycystic ovarian syndrome is named after the multiple (poly) cysts that occur in the ovaries. PCOS is a long-term condition that affects women’s reproductive health. Lifestyle control, exercise, and medicines, according to the top Gynaecologist in viman nagar, help cope with the symptoms.

What is the cause of PCOS?

Although the actual reason for PCOS is unknown, many people believe it is caused by a hereditary condition, a thyroid imbalance, extreme unexpected stress, and weight increase. PCOS can also be caused by excessive exercise.

PCOS causes hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, acne, weight gain, and difficulties conceiving.

 The following are some of the most prevalent PCOS symptoms that all women should be aware of:


  1. Although the menstrual cycle may appear normal at first, it may become erratic over time.


  1. Because PCOS affects ovulation (the eggs are converted into cysts before maturing and being released), women with PCOS may experience infertility or trouble conceiving. PCOS frequently causes recurrent abortions.


  1. Hirsutism is a frequent condition. Due to an overabundance of the male hormone, hair growth takes on a male pattern. Hair growth is thick and darkly pigmented around the upper lips, chin, around the nipples, and lower belly, with significant thinning of hair on the scalp.


  1. Acne is caused by an excess of the male hormone, especially along the jawlines.


  1. Male pattern baldness is also seen in many PCOS-affected women.


  1. Insulin resistance, obesity and weight gain are other prevalent PCOS symptoms, as is high blood pressure, leading to metabolic syndrome in the long run.


  1. Insulin resistance and increased insulin levels in the blood are two of the most common symptoms in women with PCOS.


  1. PCOS women are more likely to have abnormal blood lipids.


  1. Women with PCOS are at a higher risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes.


  1. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, PCOS women are at an increased risk of coronary heart disease due to raised C-reactive protein, cholesterol, and LDL levels.


  1. Hair loss is another prevalent symptom of PCOS in women.


PCOS prevention and treatment

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a long time but haven’t been successful, PCOS could be the cause. To rule out PCOS, consult your gynaecologist. You shouldn’t be depressed if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. Moderate weight loss, lifestyle changes, oral medicines, and minor operations can all help you ovulate. Because the cause of PCOS is unknown, there is no treatment to prevent the condition.

Are you experiencing any of these signs or symptoms? A complete gynaecological examination will help you determine if you have PCOS as an underlying condition if you answered yes. If you’re looking for PCOD and PCOS treatment in Viman Nagar, Aster Speciality Clinic is the place to go.


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