Dr. Asmita Gholap

Dr. Asmita Gholap - Laparoscopic Surgeon in Viman Nagar

Dr. Asmita Gholap is a highly qualified and well skilled Surgeon with good experience in High Risk Pregnancy Management and Emergency Care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, She is Extensively Trained in performing Laprascopic Surgeries.

After completing her M.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the reputed institute I.P.G.M.E.R & SSKM Government Hospital. Kolkata, India, Dr. Asmita then completed her Training and Clinical Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgeries and Laproscopy in Gynaecology.


  • Clinical Fellowship in Laprascopic Surgery in Gynaecology (Pune).
  • MS (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) I.P.G.M.E.R & SSKM Government Hospital. Kolkata, India.
  • MBBS M.G.M Medical College, Navi Mumbai.

Normal pregnancy needs tender loving care from her family and her doctor. Dr. Asmita Gholap makes sure that the woman has best experience during this transition to motherhood. Only the best care will be delivered for the baby and the mother. Dr. Asmita Gholap will help you travel this journey by being a support for you physically and psychologically. She makes sure that the mother is prepared for the delivery by helping her through various antenatal exercises and proper diet all through her pregnancy.
The team of Dr. Asmita Gholap, nutritionist, life coach, pregnancy counsellor and exercise guide gives the best a mother can expect from any clinic.

PCOD Clinic

PCOD has emerged as a very common problem in these recent years. Every 1 in 3 women suffer from PCOD. Dr. Asmita Gholap takes care of all the aspects of PCOD. Be it Menstrual Irregularities, Acne , Infertility or any other problem the woman with PCOD faces.


Termination of pregnancy is a Govt approved act. Be it medically or surgically, Dr. Asmita Gholap will give the best outcome by minimal invasion for termination of a pregnancy.


Be it pregnancy in elderly or pregnancy with diabetes. This urban lifestyle has brought these high risk pregnancies on a surge. Trained specifically in High Risk Pregnancies for three years Dr. Asmita Gholap will leave no stone unturned for best outcome for you and your baby. She has treated many high risk pregnancies and those also include very rarely seen complicated pregnancies with cancer, Pregnancies with skeletal deformities and pregnancies with hepatitis and many such.
Pregnancies with hypertension commonly called as BP in pregnancy, Negative blood group mothers, twins and other multiple gestations, thyroid disorders in pregnancy, etc. are all such high risk pregnancies. Dr. asmita Gholap has taken training for 3years from Prestigious IPGMER & SSKM hospital, Kolkata.


Menstrual irregularities are a huge problem faced by all the women during their reproductive age group. Be it less, be it more, Dr. Asmita Gholap will take care of all. She has treated several women successfully and the patients have come back happy with relief after the treatment.
Be it Fibroids or hormone imbalance, you will be relieved of your illness by treatment by Dr. Asmita Gholap


Dr. Asmita Gholap has undertaken treatment for Hundreds of couples with Infertility and has achieved good success.
Infertile females experience a lot of problems socially and personally, attributing it to infertility. Be assured that when you visit Dr. Asmita Gholap your anxiety will be relieved and you will receive the best counselling and treatment and have higher chances of being blessed with a baby after undertaking the treatment.


Urban nuclear couples face lot of challenges to bring a balance in their personal and professional life and have many unanswered questions regarding childbirth. Dr. Asmita Gholap will solve all your queries with utmost precaution and help you take the best decisions regarding child birth and planning.
Couples with neural tube defect babies or differently abled children can consult with Dr. Asmita Gholap regarding their plan with the next baby.


DONT let cervical cancer stop you. Parents are unaware of such vaccination for their young girls. Vaccination is a gift which every parent must give their children. Life free from cervical cancer is what young females can achieve by this vaccination.
Visit Dr. Asmita Gholap for further understanding of cervical cancer and immediate vaccination of your young girls and give them a healthy future.


Adolescent age is a tender age when a girl experiences not only physical changes but psychological as well. Commonly occurring menstrual irregularities, pain during menses can be very challenging to the young girls.
Contraception during adolescence is looked at with rolling eyes mostly. But Dr. Asmita not only handles this sensitively but also makes her patients feel very comfortable and confident.
Dr. Asmita Gholap not only provides the support the young girl needs but also treats the girls with utmost care needed.


Cervical cancer, Endometrial cancer, Ovarian cancer and all other cancers and their treatments are addressed to by Dr. Asmita Gholap.
If you are suffering from any of these book an appointment with Dr. Asmita Gholap at the earliest for a speedy treatment and healthy recovery.


Cancer detection rate can be increased and early treatment is always the best treatment for any cancer anywhere in the human body.
PAP smear at HPV Testing, Women yearly health packages are all that are going to help you in for a very healthy old age. Old age is as they say, golden age. And to live this golden age blissfully, it is necessary that all women should undergo yearly health check ups.
At Aster Speciality clinic, we have state of art facilities for such tests. HPV , Pap Liquid Cytology is what is the need of the hour and such facilities are available at Aster Speciality Clinic under guidance of Dr. Asmita Gholap


Dr. Asmita Gholap has had a special training in the field of menopause. Menopause can be tough for many women and dedicated treatment is what is needed in such times. Dr. Asmita Gholap has treated several women with menopause over the years .


Be it Pills or be it Intrauterine devices. The best Contraception for you can be given by Dr. Asmita Gholap. Do visit the clinic and be assured of a stress-free sexual life by availing the contraception best for you.


Dr. Asmita Gholap encourages active involvement of partner during the birthing process. It is a necessary part for both the parents to welcome their child together in this world. Dr. Asmita Gholap strives to achieve normal vaginal delivery in maximum women and avoid surgical intervention. Dr. Asmita Gholap believes that - Natural birth is every woman’s right.


Dr. Asmita Gholap has performed more than 5000 caesarean sections and is very experienced in handling all types of deliveries. Be it breech or multiple gestations , be assured that you are in best hands. Dr. Asmita Gholap will give you a speedy recovery and painfree delivery.


Dr. Asmita Gholap is very experienced in epidural vaginal deliveries also called as painless vaginal delivery. Birthing is a joy but bringing a child in this world is a painful experience. But modern science has brought in this epidural vaginal delivery which makes birthing a more pleasant experience.


When the pregnancy has advanced and is beyond medical management, surgical procedure maybe needed for termination of pregnancy. Dr. Asmita Gholap has very less complication rate and excellent surgical skills for such patients.


Pregnancy other than normal position is called as ectopic pregnancy. If you are suffering from such ectopic pregnancy, consult Dr. Asmita Gholap at the earliest for best outcome. Medical management or Laprascopic ectopic management will be offered to you and Dr. Asmita Gholap will make of sure that


When the initial investigation for infertility are not normal or despite medical management infertility is not treated, surgical intervention might be necessary for infertility management. Dr. Asmita Gholap is highly experienced in such cases and has achieved successful outcomes in her infertility couples.


Dr. Asmita Gholap has received extensive training from Dr. Mahendra Borse for Laprascopic surgeries. She has performed many cases and has achieved best outcomes for her patients. If you are suffering from fibroids and are distressed by it, Consult Dr. Asmita Gholap and she will answer all your queries. She makes the surgery experience very pleasant and less distressing.


Surgical removal of uterus is best done by laprascopy. The postoperative pain relief is more, shorter duration of hospital stay and better and early recovery of mother is what Dr. Asmita Gholap aims for. Whether it fibroid or adenomyosis , endometriosis or ovarian pathology, Do not worry as Dr. Asmita Gholap will deliver the best for you.


Ovarian or paraovarian cysts trouble all age groups. Be it medical management for cysts or you need to be operated upon. Dr. Asmita Gholap has extensive experience at her disposal. Consult Dr. Asmita Gholap for better understanding of the condition and early management.


Hysteroscopic polyp removals , minor Hysteroscopy procedures are Day care procedures. Consult Dr. Asmita Gholap if you have any more queries regarding such surgeries.


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Best paper presentation for topic

“Role of aspirin in prevention of pregnancy induced hypertension and IUGR in primigravida women with abnormal first and early second trimester uterine artery Doppler” at ISAR ,Kolkata, 2016

Paper presentation in BOGSCON

“Cervical pregnancy : case report”

Paper presentation at AICOG

Orissa 2017“ Comparative study between TVT and TOT in management of SUI”.

Many state and national presentations.

Research work

in “ Randomised controlled trial for comparing the efficacy of myoinositol 2gm + Folic acid Vs FOLIC acid alone in management of menstrual irregularities and infertility in females with PCOD”.

Paper publication

“ A Prospective study of fetomaternal outcome in cases of pregnancy with heart diseases in a tertiary hospital” in JMED.